Revisiting Past Predictions: 2005-2020

BT from the Ad Operations Perspective 2.0

In 2006 I wrote an article, outlining the challenges and benefits of utilizing behavioral targeting from the ad ops perspective.  Recapping the piece, I started by saying: “Whenever an ad technology comes along promising to attract new advertisers and higher CPMs, sales divisions begin to listen. If it claims to increase the supply of high valueContinue reading “BT from the Ad Operations Perspective 2.0”

Burn Out in Ad Operations 2.0

“Burn Out in Ad Operations” was written 15 years ago. In it, I bemoaned the fact that ad traffickers were over-worked and under-appreciated. At the time, the article really hit a nerve, and it was clear from the many responses that this group of talented individuals was hurting and wanted recognition. Does this still applyContinue reading “Burn Out in Ad Operations 2.0”

Here’s Looking at Your Future Kid 2.0

 “Here’s Looking at Your Future, Kid” was originally published in October 2005. The article depicted the daily work activity of Toshiko Jones, a fictionalized character whom single-handedly managed media buying across multiple channels-digital, linear, outdoor, print-all from a single desktop. This question is, a decade and a half later what did I get right andContinue reading “Here’s Looking at Your Future Kid 2.0”

Past, Present, Future

In 2004, I worked with digital colleagues at a prominent search engine company to architect the outsourcing of sales and ad operations, thereby making my position irrelevant and changing my status to “in between jobs.”. Long story short, I found a vacuum waiting to be filled – consulting on media operations. One of the keyContinue reading “Past, Present, Future”

Technology Means Nothing 2.0

A carefully crafted, well-defined process in media-operations is equally-if not more important-than the technology itself. It’s as much a truth today as it was 15 years ago. In 2005 I wrote an article with a simple yet crucial premise, “Technology Means Nothing”. Within the piece, I elaborated on this claim by stating: “It’s heresy toContinue reading “Technology Means Nothing 2.0”