Against All Odds

On March 1, 2021, The McClatchy Company, a newspaper publisher founded in 1857, accomplished something remarkable. Despite a pandemic, financial restructuring, a sagging economy, and social upheaval, they made a radical transformation in sales and advertising operations. They accomplished this in just 7 months, across 30 markets, launching on time and with no disruption inContinue reading “Against All Odds”

Three’s a Crowd

Originally Published 9/14/2005 One of the most interesting things about going to interactive conferences, or simply interacting with multiple clients, is getting a bird’s eye view of our business and gaining a sense of perspective. In other words, you get to see how other people handle their businesses. The question, “is it just me, orContinue reading “Three’s a Crowd”

Protecting Your Business By Securing Workflow

Originally Published 07/11/07 Mention the word “workflow” to a room full of seasoned, intelligent executives and you’re likely to induce a mass attack of glassy-eyed narcolepsy. Nothing can put a damper on a spirited entrepreneurial discussion like visions of boxes, triangles, hexahedrons and decision trees that are conjured up by this topic. However, give meContinue reading “Protecting Your Business By Securing Workflow”

Anatomy of a Project Plan

Originally published 8/10/07 How does an icon in traditional media make the transition from an outsourced ad operations solution to in-house ownership of the tools and processes needed to facilitate online advertising? This is a story about how a logical, step-by-step roadmap can ease that transition. And in this case, how the process became relativelyContinue reading “Anatomy of a Project Plan”


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